Law Practice:



International Features:

  • Serge Gravel’s professional activity is essentially international, either by virtue of the geographical origin of his clients (USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Turkey, South Korea, Romania, etc.), or due to the nature of the cases he handles, including for French and European clients (international arbitration; cross-border operations, investments and financing);
  • Serge Gravel’s international track record has led him to hold various positions in Paris over the years within the international business community, including with the International Chamber of Commerce, BIAC and the OECD, UNEP and SBCI, the CDEFQ, etc.

International Arbitration Know-How and Expertise:

  • Has acted as counsel, jurisconsult, sole arbitrator, co-arbitrator or mediator, in ad-hoc proceedings or proceedings supervised by the ICC’s International Court of Arbitration;
  • Has acted in connection with international investment arbitration proceedings involving either sovereign states (Croatia, Qatar, Ethiopia, Turkey, Libya) or public companies or state agencies (Romania, Canada, Pakistan, Bulgaria, China, etc.);
  • Has acted in connection with arbitration or mediation proceedings in connection with international commercial disputes in a wide variety of business sectors, including railway systems, industrial or electronic equipment, shipbuilding industry, hospitality industry, pulp and paper industry, nuclear facilities, aerospace industry, commercial franchises, food processing industry, water treatment engineering, infrastructures, engineering and construction, etc.
  • Has served as an active member of the International Court of Arbitration of the ICC, involving, in particular, overseeing arbitration proceedings, nominating and/or revoking arbitrators, reviewing and approving arbitration awards, etc.

Professional Associations:

  • Member of the ICC International Court of Arbitration (1991-1999);
  • Member of the ICC Commission on International Arbitration (1999-2008);
  • Member of the French Center for Mediation and Arbitration of Paris (CMAP);
  • Member of the Swiss Arbitration Association;
  • Vice President and member of the Executive Board of the Business and Industry Advisory Committee (BIAC) to the OECD (1996-2003);
  • Member of the « Cercle des Dirigeants d’Entreprise Franco-Québécois » (CDEFQ) ;
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the UNEP (United Nations) Sustainable Building and Construction Initiative (SBCI) (2006-2007);
  • Vice-President and member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Council for International Business (CCIB) (1996-2005);
  • Vice-President of French Institut International de Sciences Fiscales;
  • Member of French MEDEF International (French Business Confederation) (2009-2015);
  • Member of the Harvard Law School Association of Europe;
  • Member of the France–Saudi Arabia Association.

Publications :

  • Co-author, “Commercial Arbitration” – Financier Worldwide, February 2022;
  • Co-author, “Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution – French Perspective” – Corporate Disputes Magazine – Financier Worldwide, July 2021;
  • Co-author, “Extension to non-signatories of international arbitration proceedings: what law should apply?” – Corporate Disputes Magazine – Financier Worldwide, April-June 2021, p.69.
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  • Author, “Multiparty Arbitration and Multiple Arbitrations” – The ICC International Court of Arbitration Bulletin, Vol. 7, N° 2, December 1996, p.45;
  • Author, “Overview of Arbitration within the NAFTA Area”, (1994) 8 ICCLR, p. 269;
  • Author, “L’Arbitrage sur le territoire de l’ALENA: écueils et perspectives” – ICC International Court of Arbitration Bulletin, Vol.4, N°2, October 1993, p.23;
  • Co-author, “French Law and Arbitration Clauses – Distinguishing Scope from Validity: Comment on ICC Case n° 6519 Final Award”, 1992, 37 McGill L.J.510.

Professional Recognitions & Awards:

  • “Distinguished Adviser” – International Arbitration – 2022, selected by Power Players, Financier Worldwide LTD, pp 14-17;
  • “Recognized Practice” in International Arbitration in France, 2020/2021 ranking, selected by Magazine Décideurs;
  • “Certificate of Excellence” for outstanding performance in Arbitration – 2021, selected by Advisory Excellence;
  • “International Arbitration Lawyer of the Year” in France – 2021, selected by Global Law Experts, Annual Awards, p. 40.